Nature Trail

View from Jae's Overlook on the trail

Long C Trails has a two-mile-long nature trail that is designed for people to walk on foot.  We have carefully laid out a path and labeled trees and flora along the way.  The trail includes a small waterfall.

This trail is rated moderate to difficult primarily due to a steep 110-foot section of trail that requires careful use of a rope handrail.  At the bottom of the rope handrail, you'll see a beautiful waterfall.


Also along the trial you will see the largest grape vine in Kentucky (at least to our knowledge) with a 24" circumference, springs, gorges, switchback trails, and scenic overlooks.

If you don't wish to travel this steep section, you may take a shorter route.  You'll still be able to see the waterfall from above, but you won't have to descend into the valley.

These are things you'll probably see in the spring: wildflowers (especially in April), Iris, Bluets, Woodland Poppies, Hawk Weed, Bee Balm, Blackberries, Wintergreen, Bloodroot, Trillium, May Apple, Jack-in-the Pulpit, Blue Phlox, Jacobs's Ladder, Hepatica, Doll Eyes, Ginger, Twin Leaf, Trout Lilies, Foam Flower, and multiple varieties of ferns.

This is sure to be a fun and educational experience for the entire family.

Admission is just $5 per person for unguided tours.