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We invite you to send us a picture [see how-to below] of your visit to Long C Trails!  Please share with us that special photo you have of family, friends, horses, nature, scenic views, wildflowers, etc.  We are especially interested in seasonal photos such as Long C Trails in snow, flowers blooming in the spring, etc.

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The Beckelman Family



John and Dawn Krantz.
Photo taken 7-11-2010 in the cliff overhang above the water fall at the hiking trail.


Photos by Bruce and June Webb


Photos from Renda and Jeff Johnson
One of our favorite stopping spots!
Renda Johnson and Big Jake, cooling it for a minute.
Dixie and Big Jake love this spot too!!  They get their favorite snack (peanut butter and cracker)  :)
We love the new Long C Hotel!
All of these pictures are March 2010.

Every picture I take is a BEAUTIFUL spot!!  Long C is my favorite place ever to camp and ride!! We think the world of Jack and I love getting up on Sunday morning and going to Cowboy Church!!



Photos from Susie Barnes


Photos from Kimberly Brown.

"Here are some additional photos I found of our trip in Spring 2007.  Note the view from the "Inside the Outhouse"  by the cabin along the"



Jackie Allen and Rocky.   Now that's deep water!
Photo by Kate.


Chase Smith enjoying the swimming hole.
Photo by Kate.



Here are some photos taken August 23, 2009.  Just wanted to share the gorgeous riding. Thanks. 
Kenny Carlisle
Springfield, Tennessee




Photo sent in by Bill & Kimberly Brown of Bell Buckle, Tennessee


This is one of our favorite spots to stop for lunch. It’s on the Big Springs loop.
Jacci Barrow



These photos were taken during the STARR's Benefit on November 1, 2008,
by Roger Marsh of Lebanon, Tennessee.



Here are some photos by Kimberly Brown taken in April 2007.



Here are pictures from fall 2007. This was our first time her.  We enjoyed the trails and the beautiful scenery. See you in 2008
-- Darrell and Barbara Jewell



We were at Long C in October 2007, and we had a great time. We can't wait til it gets warm and we can come ride again.
-- Brandy Phelps





2007 Benefit Ride for Southern STARRS of Lebanon, Tennessee
Photos by Roger Marsh
(Left) This is Melinda and Alvie Anderson, and this was their very first organized ride and their first time at Long C.  They loved the ride and can't wait to come back
(Right) This is Roger's granddaughter Brittany Corley and Roger.  Brittany started riding at Long C when she was about 2-years old!
(Left) This little girl laughed all day and just seemed to really enjoy herself.  The little girl and her mother were from Lebanon, Tennessee.
Our trail boss for the day.  He did a great job!
The photos below are different riders taken during the ride.





Hope you enjoy the "fall flavors" pictures from Long C Trails. The colors were beautiful when we were there on the weekend of the October 20-21, 2007. The little girl pitching rocks in the creek is our granddaughter, 3-year-old Skylar Snodgrass. Her mom, Tiffany Snodgrass, took the pictures. Our son, Skylar's dad, Ben Snodgrass, thought it was so beautiful down by the creek that he took his two favorite girls to see it before we left on Sunday.

Venson and Sue Snodgrass



Here is a photo of Kathy and me taken awhile back at your place.  We surely enjoyed every minute of our stay.. I am, and have been, sending folks your way. Have a great day. Garth Rumsmoke (Trail Rider magazine)




Photos by Roger Marsh taken in summer 2006. Roger writes, "We really love Long C and the fine folks there."  Thanks, Roger!

Karen and Larry





(Right) Danny Joe in front of Long C Trails front barn.

(Below) Jerry & Sheila Brown getting ready for a hay ride.

Photos submitted by Emily Comer.



"Hello, just wanted to thank you, we really enjoyed your beautiful place and the atmosphere around there. The attachment is the video I did of your horse bringing her food bowl over to you. The Snodgrass family from Elizabethtown, KY."  Thanks, Venson and Sue! 
The video is 32-seconds long and can be seen here.  (It is an ASF file which can be viewed using Windows Media Player.)  Be sure to turn on the sound.


Lindy Kipp on Rocky, May 19, 2006, near Four Forks, on the Hanging Rock Loop trail.

"I really enjoyed the great trails and all the magnificent scenery at Long C Trails. It was some of the best riding I have done in years!"
Christopher Corley on "Jess" at the swimming hole.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Taken by Roger Marsh in fall of 2004. The old homeplace is one of our favorite spots at Long C. Don't know whose dog this was, just followed us all day!
This is Christy Corley taking her daughter Brittany's pony Sugar across the creek. Every time this pony gets near water she will lay down in it! Brittany had just gotten this new saddle from Donald Stamps and was so proud of it. She was scared Sugar would get it wet, so she had her mom take her across. Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Cayla Corley on "Jess" at Cindy's Overlook, Spring of 2005.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Candis Corley on "Dixie" at Cindy's Overlook, Spring of 2005.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Brittany Corley on "Sugar" at Cindy's Overlook, Spring 2005.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Taken by Roger Marsh, 2005  (Wish Jack had put the ladder up!!)  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Barry Corley on "Black Boy.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Good spot for picnic! Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.
Long C in the Spring.  Photo sent in by Roger Marsh.




Clowning around at the picnic shelter during adventure camp .  Summer 2005.

Adventure Camp hike across Valley of Dry Bones.  Summer 2005.

Freddie Smith, Pat Bond, Danna Waldrop make a presentation honoring our troops.  Cowboy Church, Memorial Day weekend, May 2005.

"Pam in water."
Submitted by B.Fears.

Matthew and Freddie Smith heading out for a spring ride during Memorial Day weekend.  May 2005.

Freddie Smith from Etheridge. Tennessee. ready for an early ride on her walking horse Happy Days Revue.  Fall 2004.

This is the Rollin family. Rickey, Selena (behind camera), Kortney, Kason, and Kinley. This picture was taken on September 17th 2005. Enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods at the Hole In The Woods Cabin. We have enjoyed camping in this area long before it was ever Long C trails and still love to go there. Great peaceful place to take the children. Don't we wish everywhere could be like this. Keep up the good work guys. See ya again soon.

Haley Hannum on Danny Boy

Haley Hannum on Danny Boy. 
Long C Trails 2003
(Left) This is Amanda and her horse Buttercup. It was taken early Spring 2005 before the leaves came on the trees and it was still very chilly. Amanda has been riding at Long C's for a few years and loves to ride in the creeks and wooded trails. She is the granddaughter of Randy Lowe, the tack dealer who sets up on Saturdays at the Long C Trail camp.

Jae's Overlook
Photo by Leonard Berry, July 2005

Cooling Off!
Photo by Leonard Berry, July 2005

B.J.'s Overlook
Photo by Leonard Berry, July 2005


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