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We invite you to send us a picture [see how-to below] of your visit to Long C Trails!  Please share with us that special photo you have of family, friends, horses, nature, scenic views, wildflowers, etc.  We are especially interested in seasonal photos such as Long C Trails in snow, flowers blooming in the spring, etc.

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Photo courtesy Kimberly Wescott


George Ciprich, daughter MeLissa Ciprich, and grandson Parker, with Long C guide Sandy Knight. A big thank you to Sandy Knight for a great ride!  We'd also like to thank Melanie Blount for recommending Long C Trails. We had a fantastic ride and a great time!

Granddaughter Aja Bliss riding Jordan at Long C Trails, Sunday, August 23, 2015.



"Beautiful and fun trails! This photo did not do the view justice!"
Photo by Cathy Talley 
"This photo was made Saturday, August 15, 2015, from the overlook.  I stayed with my dad and his wife for the weekend. We are from Belfast, Tennessee.  They have been there four times, this was only my second. We all love it there and visited the church this morning.  Thanks for sharing your place and hospitality."



May 2015: Photo sent in by Shelly Coffey.



April 2015: Oakley sent in this photo with a comment: "Oscar is a trainer and a long time rider at Long C Trails. He has been working with Buttercup for a month, and this is her first time on any trails. It just happens to be her third birthday. What a great way to celebrate!"



Photos by Suzanne Swan
From October 14th to October 18th, 2013, my husband Jim and I (Suzanne), along with our good friends Gary and Sherri, camped and rode the trails at Long C Trails  This was Gary's and Sherri's first time to your campground and our second time. We so enjoyed the hospitality and assistance from Jack and his staff, especially Christin. She went above and beyond to make sure our stay and our horses' stay was comfortable. She is great! We enjoyed exploring the trails and seeing all that they had to offer.  We loved riding through the creeks and among the cattle with their newly born calves. The bluffs and overlooks were absolutely breath-taking!  We definitely will come back to Long C Trails in the future!  Next time maybe we can stay through the weekend and get to take in a meal. Thank you for everything!   Jim & Suzanne Swan, Leoma, TN; Gary & Sherri Odum, Carthage, IN.  



Photo by Sherryl Doyle
"2008, my 3-year-old Arabian's first ride away from home."



Photos by Melanie Blount  
"My husband, Eddie, and I have been coming to Long C since the beginning of summer [2013], and we just love it.  We started coming with the Burton family (Ricky and Kimberlee) and just have ourselves a ball!"



Dolley N. Rennie sent in the above photo.  "This was a picture of the Rolling Country Singer taken last weekend.    It was amazing to hear him harmonize with himself." 


This is Randy Lowe, our tack dealer at Long C. Photo by Diane Williams.


We had a wonderful time visiting on June 2-3, 2012.  The kids loved the creek and walking the trails. 
We also enjoyed the service at Cowboy Church.
Thank you, Rae Anna T. Kirby


Photos from Larry and Jenell

Hello! We had a great ride with the amazing Karen C, we love her!  All these pics were from our ride late summer/fall 2010, hope you like them!
Larry & Jenell Stricker
Nashville, TN


> This was taken October 23, 2010, at the Jerry's Ford area.  We stopped for a lunch break and was getting ready to head back to the trails.  Probably one of my favorite pictures, and I wanted to share it with you.  My husband and I have used your trails this past year to train for our first NATRC (North American Trail Ride Conference) competition that was held Sept. 11th at East Fork Stables.  We rode 22 miles within our time (4 mins to spare!).  I'm happy to report that my husband place 1st in Horsemanship and his mare 3rd in Condition for the novice heavyweight division.  I placed 1st in horsemanship and my gelding placed 1st in condition in novice lightweight and he also won the overall best condition sweepstakes.  We owe all this to training on your trails!!

Heather Brown


My family and I came down a few weeks ago and plan on coming back next week. We had so much fun. I intended on bringing my kids down and leaving them with my parents and enjoyed the view so much I came back and stayed. My mom, Marjorie Deckard, took these photos. The first is a great shot of Long C Trails. Love the way it was taken. Next is my daughter, Adley Shaw, enjoying the campsite. She's definitely a future rider. Last is my son, Caynen Shaw, and his Poppy, Gary Deckard, ready to head for a ride. Caynen was so comfortable that he ended up falling asleep on the back of that horse...wish we had a picture of that.


My name is Harold from Glasgow, and this was my and my buddy, Eddie's, first time coming today 09-25-2010, and I fell in love with the place.  I normally go to Double J's and Mammoth Cave area, and this by far is the greatest that I have been to.  Variety of terrain, very scenic, and loved getting in the water.  In the 2 pics are me in the gray shirt standing in front of the creek, and the other one is Eddie holding my horse on our way to bottoms at the creek.  I had a blast, and I plan on coming back.  45 minute drive is well worth it!!!!!!     Thanks for having a great place to ride, and I can't wait to find more of the trails that y'all have.



Photos from Renda Johnson 9/7/2010: What a wonderful weekend at Jack's Long C Trails!!  The weather was beautiful, seeing friends from home and the ultimate camping and riding there at my favorite place with my beautiful little McKenzie!


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